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Exploring the Value D-League Alumni Nick Nurse Brings to an NBA Coaching Staff

According to Yahoo! Sports, NBADL alum Nick Nurse is being considered for a spot on Steve Kerr's staff in Golden State. Here's a look at the solid work he's done as an assistant with the Toronto Raptors.

Matthew Lewis

Though they are now eliminated from the NBA playoffs, the Toronto Raptors should be able to find solace in the team's overall effort this postseason. They turned heads, impressed, and put up quite a fight along the way.

Defensive guru Dwane Casey provided the direction for Toronto, but there's no doubt the extensive staff underneath him played a worthwhile role in the team's success.

As fate would have it, D-League alumni Nick Nurse was the offensive ying to Coach Casey's (defensive) yang. Though current RGV Vipers' coach Nevada Smith received plenty of recognition this past season for his own unique and/or unorthodox style of offense, there's no doubt Coach Nurse's team specialized in being able to run and gun while pushing the tempo as well.

As further evidence, watch the video below, in which the two-time NBADL champion outlines the Raptors' recruitment of him, as well as his position on the coaching staff. Click here or jump to the 15:35 mark for more.

Now, fresh off some success as an NBA assistant, Coach Nurse is apparently becoming a well known (and well desired, too) commodity. According to Yahoo! Sports, the former Iowa Energy and RGV Vipers coach is among those being considered for assistant posts on first-year head coach Steve Kerr's forthcoming staff in Golden State with the Warriors.

Needless to say, Nurse is continuing to prove such a hire would be a solid one.