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Naofall Folahan To Participate in NBA D-League National Tryout in New York City

Wagner big man Naofall Folahan will take part in the NBA D-League's national tryout later next month in New York City.


Though the NBA D-League season ended not too long ago, the grind truly never stops. That search for talent and the quest to uncover a handful of diamonds in the rough will continue soon enough, with the minor league's annual national tryout set to take place less than a month from now (June 15th, to be exact) in the heart of the Big Apple.

According to RBA Sports, Wagner big man and recent graduate Naofall Folahan is set to be among the participants aiming to catch the eye of a worthy decision-maker or two at the tryout.

While Folahan boasted modest numbers through his collegiate career, the fact of the matter is that athletes from all walks of life with different experience levels (or simply a lack there of), hit the hardwood for the summer audition. The forward's four year participation at Wagner is surely to aid him while competing. He'll enter with the advantage of having matched up with talented college prospects before. Not all young guns at this tryout will be able to say the same.

In any event, Folahan is young, has decent size, and is a smart player with an otherwise proven high field-goal percentage. There's potential to be explored.

Leading up to the tryout, the youngster has been training in recent weeks at Jordan Terminal 23 at Cafe Rouge. Folahan has worked out with Knicks' staffer Chris Brickley at the facility, among others. What's more, he even more recently ran into NBA star Carmelo Anthony as well.