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Why NBA Training Camp Gigs Are Key to Prospects Returning to D-League

Here's a look at why securing an NBA training camp gig goes a long way towards making it easier for D-League athletes to continue playing in the minor league.


Though the NBA playoffs are currently in full swing, the D-League season has officially come to a close. Many of the league's top prospects will look towards the offseason, hoping to earn potential NBA Summer League gigs and/or private/personal workouts in order to strut their stuff and put their talents on display for teams in The Association.

A league with eye-popping turnaround from year to year, many of the D-League's most prized prospects will venture overseas in the months to come, especially should an NBA gig not come their way. Despite how many benefits there are to playing in the NBADL, money simply isn't one of them. With that in mind, a variety of young guns will look to capitalize on their success in the minor league en route to a more lucrative contract elsewhere.

For a handful of such aforementioned prospects, the "offseason" never truly arrives. Some choose to play international ball over the summer, as a means of making money in the interim so that they can "afford" to play in the D-League next season as well. For others, however, the decision isn't as easy. The weary need opportunity to rest up and recharge.

Thus, their sights are subsequently set on obtaining international offers by the start of next season instead. That is, of course, unless an NBA team comes calling beforehand. Of course, the goal of each and every D-League athlete is to find themselves on an opening night roster for a team in The Association once and for all.

But if they can make respectable money in the interim, there's no doubt that the extra cash in their pocket provides a little bit more financial security along the way, which helps keep that dream alive even longer.

A potential solution to this is securing a gig to participate in training camp with an NBA team. By donning an NBA practice jersey for the month plus period (even if the player is cut by the start of the regular season), such young guns can still earn upwards towards $70,000 for that very stint, a source tells

D-League teams are able to acquire "affiliate" players that an affiliated NBA team happens to waive following training camp. It's at this point and time that a potential D-Leaguer would feel more comfortable sticking around the minor league ranks for a bit. Not only will they begin the season with a tad bit more financial comfort following camp, but they'll rest assured that they're closer than ever with an NBA team interested in continuing to keep a closer eye on them in the D-League.

For further reference, Santa Cruz Warriors' guard Cameron Jones shared and expressed a similar sentiment just last week following his exit interview with reporters.