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Report: Phoenix Suns to Enter Into Single NBA D-League Affiliation with Bakersfield Jam

The Phoenix Suns will become the sole NBA affiliate of the Bakersfield Jam of the D-League, according to a report.

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Following the example set by the Memphis Grizzlies and Iowa Energy (both teams entered into a single NBA/D-League affiliation earlier this week), the Phoenix Suns and Bakersfield Jam will form a one-to-one relationship, according to a report on

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In an agreement that is expected to be finalized next week, the Suns will finance and run the basketball operations of the D-League franchise while Bakersfield's ownership will continue handling business operations, community relations and other non-basketball functions.

The Suns have shared the Bakersfield Jam as their D-League affiliate for player assignments since 2011 after previously sharing Iowa and Albuquerque with other NBA teams. In recent years, the NBA trend has been to secure a single-affiliation relationship with D-League teams to be able to choose the affiliate's coach and general manager and have continuity in what system is run and how players train.

In addition to being a hybrid-affiliate of the Suns last season, Bakersfield was also affiliated with the Raptors, Clippers, Jazz, and Hawks as well. Each of the aforementioned teams are now left to pair up with another D-League squad moving forward.