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Terrico White Discusses Upcoming NBA Summer League Opportunity

Terrico White was drafted 36th overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons, but he hasn't gotten his chance to shine on the NBA stage just yet. He's hoping that his Summer League tryout will materialize into another opportunity.


For every second round gem found in the draft, there are even more players drafted whom we unfortunately just don't hear too much about. That doesn't mean they aren't talented in their own right, it simply shows how difficult it is to make one's mark as a young player in the NBA.

Terrico White was a promising prospect taken in the 2010 NBA Draft 36th overall by the Detroit Pistons. Since then, he's played in the NBA D-League, Serbia, Israel and Turkey as he continues his journey back to the land of milk and honey -- the NBA.

Last season Terrico played for Hapoel Eilat in the Israeli BSL and for Royal Hali Gaziantep in the Turkish League. He played 37 games while averaging 21.5 minutes and posting 8.4 points and 3.0 rebounds per game. His best play came in the Israeli BSL where he received much more of an opportunity to show his potential for NBA scouts. While playing for Hapeol Eilat, White played 27.2 minutes with averaged of 13.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.8 assists. At the same token, he was rather efficient, too, with with shooting splits of .467/.422/.778. recently spoke to White about his time overseas, and if he feels it has prepared him for another NBA opportunity. He's quite confident in his abilities.

"I truly feel that playing overseas has helped my game a lot. It has helped me mature as a player. I have added a lot to my game since when I was first drafted and I hope it's worth landing on an NBA roster this year and contributing to the team I'm playing for."

He was able to confirm that he is indeed playing for the Memphis Grizzlies' summer league team in Orlando and elaborates on the type of player he can be for them, or any other team that wants his services.

"I am very excited to be showcasing my talents once again in front of the Grizzlies organization and other NBA execs. I'm more of a point guard over any other position. I have been in the leadership role growing up. I played quarterback in football and pitcher in baseball, so I'm used to the leadership role. I like to get my teammates involved. With my size, vision, and ability I know I can be a productive PG in the NBA."

The NBA D-League had a record number of call-ups last season with 36 players earning 49 call-ups. According to the official NBADL page, 33 percent of NBA players have NBADL experience and 79 players with NBADL experience made an appearance in the 2014 NBA Playoffs.

With that in mind, we asked if the NBADL would be an option for White, should he not be signed after the Orlando Summer League.

"It depends on the situation. If I have a good chance of playing a lot and don't have to worry about the affiliate team sending rookies down then I would take that chance. Otherwise I will be going back overseas." White added, "Whatever path I need to go down to get back in the NBA I will do it."

Clearly, Terrico White believes that he has what it takes to play in the NBA. That same confidence will carry him a long way in his play during his time in Orlando. The Orlando Summer League runs July 5-11, and if not signed, White could always be picked up for the Las Vegas Summer League, which runs July 11-21. Last year, Dwight Buycks did just that and was ultimately signed by the Toronto Raptors.

If you have never seen Terrico White play, the one thing you should know is that the man jumps out of the gym. He won the Turkish League Dunk Contest last season.