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2014 NBA Summer League Rosters Continuing To Shape Up

As we head into the month of July, NBA rosters for Summer League sessions in both Las Vegas and Orlando are continuing to shape up.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Undeniably, free agency is one of the most exciting times of the year for basketball fans. The speculation surrounding which of the game's biggest names will be changing addresses come next season surely comes with a rush of adranaline.

That said, such a period isn't all about the stars. Many talents will seek out better opportunities than the one(s) they've had in seasons prior, so there's plenty of movement to follow around.

With that in mind, the focus will also surprisingly shift to some of the D-League's most prized possessions as NBA teams begin their respective searches for potential diamonds in the rough along the way. Summer League (both in Orlando and Las Vegas) serves as a huge showcase for just that.

Who will your favorite NBA team take a chance on in July? Our buddy Mark Porcaro has you covered with quite a comprehensive list (coming up with information from all sorts of sources and reports). As always, he does a tremendous job over at Secret Rival.

An interesting thing to note as these rosters continue shape up: in addition to some of the top current D-League athletes, many of the league's most talented alumni will return to the Summer League stage following respective stints overseas. The grind never truly stops, even if a prospect looks to cash in on a more lucrative contract in between (i.e. a talented player like former Fort Wayne Mad Ant Luke Harangody, who will play for the Washington Wizards).