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Will Knicks Summer League Guard Langston Galloway Play Overseas Next Season?

As Langston Galloway continues to play for the Knicks during NBA Summer League, one source tells RU he was exploring an opportunity in Israel, but another asserts that no deal has been signed just yet.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Knicks continue to roll in Las Vegas, they've surprisingly emerged as one of the better looking teams at NBA Summer League. But with the team's roster nearly set already, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not New York will be able take a chance on some of the more intriguing prospects.

While such youngsters may currently be donning orange and blue this week, the fact of the matter remains that Summer League provides one of the largest platforms as a tryout of sorts. Everyone is watching.

The Knicks certainly have plenty of local products highlighting their roster this summer. One of those very young guns happens to be Langston Galloway, a four-year guard fresh out out of St. Joseph's.

The 22 year old hasn't exactly received that much playing time in Sin City, but did happen to break out during the Knicks' July 14th romping of the Charlotte Hornets. Playing 20 minutes en route to a 95-72 victory, Galloway tallied 17 points off the bench.

Truth be told, he completely stole the show. Galloway ignited and excited the crowd. He began to soar, and the Knicks' bench continued to roar. His efficiency was highlighted by two flashy layups, each followed by and-one free throws.

Needless to say, the guard looked good as he gave the Knicks a boost. Galloway is the type of player who can catch fire and subsequently score in bunches.

Whether or not the rest of his overall game is on par with those who are currently competing on the pro level remains to be seen.

One source told that the young gun was looking to capitalize on an opportunity to play in Israel. Since, another source has told us that no deal has been signed. Of course, it would be a relief to have that out of the way and taken care of early on, but one has to wonder if Galloway would instead choose to hit the hardwood for an NBA team in training camp instead, if presented with that opportunity.