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Skyforce Coach Pat Delany Joins Charlotte Hornets As Assistant Coach

Following just one season with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, Pat Delany has received that coveted call and will join the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA as an assistant.

Dave Eggen/NBAE/Getty Images

Earlier in the year, Sioux Falls Skyforce head coach Pat Delany spoke with when he joined the site's podcast. In discussing a handful of topics, the longtime Miami Heat employee took time to shed light on his decision to join Sioux Falls, a new minor league affiliate of Miami.

After nearly twelve years filling various roles for the Heat, it was time for Coach Delany to add the title of "head coach" to his resume. It's quickly becoming the norm for potential NBA employees (in this instance, a coach) to strut their stuff in the D-League beforehand as a way of honing their craft and showing dedication for whatever may come next.

And after spending one season with the Skyforce, it's safe to say Coach Delany won't have to wait too long for the promotion call to come.

As fate would have it, he has accepted an offer to join the Charlotte Hornets as an assistant coach. This has been reported by our friend Terry Vandrovec, who received confirmation from Skyforce officials.

Such a move isn't surprising one at all. Following years of serving as video coordinator (and in other scouting-like capacities) under Erik Spoelstra and spending time around some of the game's biggest stars such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and others, Coach Delany is more than prepared for this opportunity.

One of the D-League's best coaches last season, he led the Skyforce to a 31-19 record (and home court advantage in the first round of the postseason) during his first year in Sioux Falls.

An intelligent basketball mind (with obviously plenty of experience), Coach Delany is also a masterful motivator. His communication skills gave him a special advantage with the Skyforce, so much so that he earned Coach of the Year honors from us right here at for his efforts.