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Kalin Lucas Believes He Is Ready To Play In The NBA

Kalin Lucas has been trying to get to the NBA since graduating from Michigan State in 2011. Is this upcoming season finally the one? He thinks it is. The 25-year-old checked in with us from Orlando.

Andy Lyons

Although he still has not managed to find his way onto an NBA team after going undrafted in 2011, Kalin Lucas believes he is now ready to become a productive contributor in the league that has yet to invite him in. The former Michigan State star point guard is playing with the Memphis Grizzlies in the Orlando Summer League, competing to earn his way onto the team's training camp roster. Lucas, after spending two years abroad returned to the States and joined the Iowa Energy, averaging 15.1 points on 48 percent shooting and leading them into the postseason.

In his first Summer League contest - a win against the Oklahoma City Thunder squad - Lucas started and appeared determined from the get-go. In nearly thirteen minutes, he dropped 11 points and shot 5-of-11 from the field, knocking down one three-pointer while adding two rebounds and one steal. spoke with Lucas on a range of topics, such as his past in the D-League, and potential future in the NBA.

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Ridiculous Upside: How have you enjoyed the Summer League so far?

Kalin Lucas: Summer League has been great. Yesterday we won against OKC, which is a great team. We played real well. Today I thought we played good too, but we came out with the loss. We just have to get better and learn from our mistakes and get ready for our next game versus Orlando.

RU: How has your experience in the D-League allowed you to take the next step in your game to display here at the NBA Summer League and beyond?

Lucas: I played overseas for two years coming out of college, so I wasn't able to play in the Summer League because of the lockout. So because I played in the D-League this year, I was able to get a Summer League spot. I'm just going out there, being aggressive, trying to get my teammates involved and playing my game.

RU: If NBA teams feel you need more time before making the jump to the league, would you accept playing in the D-League another season? Or would you rather go play overseas?

Lucas: I'm not sure. I feel like I'm good enough to play in the NBA. I just have to stay aggressive, stay positive and we will see what happens.

RU: So you believe you are ready to contribute in the league right now?

Lucas: Definitely. Absolutely.