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When Will Scott Morrison Be Introduced As New Head Coach of Maine Red Claws?

It appears as though Scott Morrison will be formally introduced as the next head coach of the Maine Red Claws.

@scott_morrison on Twitter

There are still nearly three months to go until the 2014-15 NBA D-League season begins, and as such, upwards towards ten minor league teams have head coaching vacancies and staffs to be filled.

Interestingly enough, though D-League teams will begin the open tryout process for the upcoming season in just mere weeks, many organizations have chosen to take their time making such new hires.

Or perhaps that's the way it appears. Better yet, such teams may have already made decisions on their incoming staffs. Formal announcements have not been made, however.

**Now comes full disclosure, as at this point, we've found the following information on the internet, much like anyone else could have. We're simply passing along such findings.**

An example of this can seemingly be found with the Maine Red Claws and their respective vacancy following the departure of Mike Taylor.

Following a decade coaching at Lakehead University, Scott Morrison will reportedly join Maine as its new head coach. Such a report (which was also subsequently retweeted by Coach Morrison himself) has seemingly since been confirmed by the coach, as his Twitter bio now includes "Head Coach Maine Red Claws - NBADL Affiliate of the Boston Celtics."

Coach Morrison also spent part of last season with the Red Claws as an assistant coach and scout. He has most recently been spending time at the Boston Celtics' training facility, where he took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (coincidentally enough, he received an assist in the video from Red Claws' assistant Ronald Nored, and subsequently challenged fellow team assistant Cam Twiss as well).

A coaching veteran well known for being able to relate to younger players, Coach Morrison is sure to get off to a fast start in the NBA D-League.