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Will Jasonn Hannibal Hit The NBA D-League Hardwood This Season?

Despite being drafted in last week's NBLof Canada Draft, Jasonn Hannibal could still end up in the NBA D-League next season.

On Father's Day this past June, nearly two hundred aspiring basketball hopefuls hit the hardwood at Basketball City in the Big Apple to strut their stuff for D-League executives during the league's annual national tryout.

Such prospects come from all walks of life and a slew of different basketball backgrounds, so it sometimes proves to be a treacherous process to separate the men from the boys.

But in the case of Jasonn Hannibal, it's a tad bit easier to recognize his potential prowess and evident ability. At 6'10" and 270 pounds, he stood out due to his towering presence alone, if for nothing else. A big and bulky body, Hannibal proved on that very day that he knows how to assert himself physically and use his larger frame much to his advantage. He rebounds well, can pester fellow big men down low on defense, and even has good hands around the basket on offense as well.

As Hannibal aimed to impress and garner consideration for an NBA D-League contract (or more specifically, 2014 NBADL Draft eligibility), it's clear that he may still be on the outside looking in. As such, he, like many other players on the borderline of breaking into the minor league, has a decision to make. Should he stick around and remain stateside, hoping for such an opportunity, or should he venture overseas to cash in on a more lucrative contract?

Last week, the 26 year old was drafted in the third round of the 2014 NBL of Canada Draft by the Halifax Rainmen. Should the team choose to sign him, this will provide Hannibal with a bit more security, to say the least.

But that doesn't mean he won't take to the D-League stage at some point soon after, nevertheless. Many D-League executives liked what they saw from the big man earlier this summer. What's more, a source tells that the defending champion Fort Wayne Mad Ants were intrigued and have interest in him as well.

A separate source informs RU the buy-out clause in that of players with NBLC contracts is a relatively cheap one. If an NBADL teams comes calling, there's a decent chance Hannibal could end up in the minor league too.