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With Nearly Completely Clean Slate, Reno Bighorns Look To Open Tryouts For Talent

With few players returning from last season's squad, the Reno Bighorns will take a hard look at talented players during open tryouts this fall.

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Tis the season of open tryouts in the NBA D-League. Now is the time for aspiring basketball players to strut their stuff in hopes of catching the eye or attention of a minor league executive or two.

And while the opportunity to do so is there, the process can still prove to be an uphill battle for such prospects. D-League teams can invite the top five performers from open tryouts to training camp. It's here where the young guns will compete for roster spots. With a handful of respective returning players and NBA training camp cuts hitting the hardwood as well, outperforming these already well known players may prove to be a tricky task for those on the outside looking in.

Generally speaking, the odds aren't exactly in the favor of these aspiring players. Having said that, trying out for the Reno Bighorns happens to present them with a different opportunity this time around.

In some cases, teams go through the motions when it comes to open tryouts. It's safe to safe the Bighorns won't be among them. Instead, they have a greater need for talent, and are hoping to find it in Sacramento.

Next Sunday (October 5th), the team will venture to Sacramento and host tryouts at the affiliated Kings' practice facility. The session starts at noon local time.

This is not only sure to be a valuable experience for the player attendees, but for the team as well. Holding the tryout process in high regard, Reno carried four players with them through opening night from last year's tryouts. Whereas Reggie Larry was let go shortly into the season, both Bryan Davis and Ra'Shad James played well throughout the season and subsequently earned NBA Summer League gigs this past July. Davis paced the D-League Select Team's front court, while James represented the Kings. The fourth player, KC Rivers, was a regular contributor for the Bighorns last season, averaging 15.7 points on 44% from the field and 35% from deep. He recently cashed in on such success and signed with Real Madrid.

If such a proven window of opportunity isn't enough motivation, the fact of the matter is there are plenty of spots to be had. has learned the team a maximum of just two players coming back from last season's squad.

For some, this is a chance to prove they have what it takes to compete professionally. Others can live out the fantasy of playing on the same floor as the pros for a day.

Those interested can click here. All questions should be directed to the Bighorns' front office at 775-853-8220.