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Rio Grande Valley Vipers Acquire Glen Rice Jr. As Returning Player

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers have acquired Glen Rice Jr. as a returning player, reuniting him with fellow 2012-13 NBA D-League champion Toure Murry.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Just days after bringing Toure Murry back to Rio Grande Valley, the Vipers announced earlier on Monday that they've officially reunited the previously formidable one-two punch of their 2012-13 NBA D-League championship winning squad. Recently let go by the Washington Wizards, Glen Rice Jr. has been acquired as a returning player.

After 2012-13 season M.V,P. Andrew Goudelock was called up by the Lakers midway through the postseason, D.J. Kennedy stepped up to fill the gap. Nevertheless, it can't be denied that Murry and Rice Jr. provided the team with even more stability, having been around the team from start to finish. The duo was a big part of such a successful team's backbone.

And now each one has returned, together again, after amassing some experience in The Association to call their own. Ironically enough, whereas each one hit the NBA hardwood a bit last season, Murry (Idaho Stampede) and Rice Jr. (Fort Wayne Mad Ants) both appeared more so in the D-League over the past couple of months while on assignment by their respective big league teams.

Reuniting with one another, Murry and Rice Jr. will now have the opportunity to help each other shine as free agents, especially with the annual NBA D-League Showcase just days away. It'll be interesting to see if the same chemistry they displayed during the team's championship run will still be present.

What's more, it's worth noting that former RGV head coach turned Toronto Raptors assistant Nick Nurse led the way for the Rockets' affiliate when both young guns were in town. The team has since adapted Nevada Smith's run and gun system.

Murry and Rice Jr. can only hope to capitalize on one another's evident abilities in this new offense.