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NBA Scouts Agree: Brady Heslip Was Smart To Remain In NBA D-League

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Despite a lukewarm week at the 2015 NBA D-League showcase, big league scouts agree that Brady Heslip was smart to remain in the minor league instead of flocking overseas just yet.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

According to our friends at, overall interest in Brady Heslip was at an "all-time low" following a couple of lukewarm performances to conclude his week at the 2015 NBA D-League Showcase.

Still, multiple NBA scouts seem to agree that remaining in the D-League, was, nevertheless, the right decision for Heslip. A source confirms to that the guard was indeed close to signing a deal overseas, but instead chose to stick around (especially with the Showcase right around the corner) because he believed a call-up to The Association was well within his grasp.

While his stock may have taken a hit most recently, scouts still believe he made the right call. "Why would he want to go anywhere else?" one added.

Heslip has undoubtedly thrived, becoming somewhat of a sharpshooting sensation, for his role in new head coach David Arseneault Jr.'s unique, but nevertheless, high octane, system with the Reno Bighorns.

Despite cooling off a bit at the Showcase, Heslip is still averaging 24.5 points while shooting an impressive 48% from the field and 44% from deep on the campaign.

Obviously, Reno's uptempo system allows the 24 year old to shine while putting a special focus on Heslip's ability to make it rain and shoot the lights out in a run and gun offense. As he continues to adjust to playing professional basketball, scouts agreed that even if he fails to make it to the NBA this season, it's still in the guard's best interests to piece together an entire campaign while playing at such a high level.

Though while opting to remain in the D-League, Heslip subsequently delays what would undoubtedly be a much nicer payday than anything the minor league can provide, the green he pulls in later on will likely prove to be even sweeter, with such an impressive season to boast on his resume come this offseason, when it will be time to weigh various offers, not only from NBA teams with roster spots to fill and training camp forthcoming, but also international teams looking for starring attractions as well.