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NBA D-League President Malcom Turner Discusses League Growth on SiriusXM

NBA D-League President Malcolm Turner appeared on SiriusXM this past weekend.

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Appearing on NBA Radio via SiriusXM over the weekend, NBA D-League President Malcolm Turner discussed a key (eventual) goal for the minor league as he continues his respective tenure.

"No question, our number one priority is expansion and this 30 for 30 model that we've talked about. We're very focused on that," he said. With the Pacers teaming up exclusively with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants this coming season, it's time to check off nineteen single affiliations, with eleven more to go.

As far as the immediate future (and respective past) goes, President Turner was content that the D-League appears to be trending up in all other aspects of potential grown.

"Record number of teams, single affiliations, corporate partners, our call-ups and NBA assignments --- all at record levels," he said of last season's finish. While Turner doesn't necessarily boast a basketball background, his business acumen appears to be top notch. He understands how to help the league grow. apparently at a record-setting pace, too. Much of the groundwork was respectively laid by Dan Reed and Chris Alpert, but the fact that Turner also has an idea of how to continue growing this revenue stream will help the league tremendously --- perhaps even with regard to raising player salaries in the near future.

For more of the interview from the small sound bite, click here.