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Jarvis Threatt and Jarell Eddie Steal The Show During NBA D-League All-Star Weekend

Jarvis Threatt and Jarrell Eddie put on more of a show during their respective contests in the NBA D-League's Dream Factory than the actual all-stars did in the game that followed.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The likes of Jarvis Threatt and Jarrell Eddie may not exactly have been All-Stars, but there's no doubt the pair easily (and obviously) stole the show during the NBA D-League's 2015 Dream Factory.

The 2015 NBA Draft eligible Threatt participated in the minor league's Slam Dunk Contest, even gaining the type of praise that would warrant consideration for him to compete in the NBA's respective contest. As the winner on Sunday, there's no doubt that he would have given Zach LaVine a run for his money. Take a look at the eye-popping creativity and subsequent execution below. So fresh and so clean, (clean).

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As for Jarell Eddie, he shot the light out during the league's respective Three-Point Contest. Besting Seth Curry in front of former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry, preventing a clean Curry/Curry sweep of the Three-Point contests across both leagues. Eddie's stroke from downtown would suggest that he's NBA-ready. There's always a place in the NBA for youngers who can spread the floor and space the defense on a consistent basis.

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As for the actual All-Star Game, the contest left a little to be desired when push came to shove, unfortunately. The type of continuity and offensive flow you see on the NBA level wasn't there, and thus, it wasn't as fast-paced and/or exciting as one would have liked, especially in the first half. Obviously, the skill-sets in both leagues are entirely different, but perhaps there's something to be said about the fact that plenty of the NBA's stars grow up together, playing with and competing alongside one another throughout much of their respective lives and careers. The familiarity is there, and it makes things more lively. The D-League doesn't benefit there, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, it's a nice opportunity, not only for the deserving players to get recongized, but also for casual NBA fans to get a closer look and learn more about the game's up and coming talents. Hosting the game at the Barclays Center, an actual big league arena, was a big win for the league and the culture it's looking to promote.

NBA vet Andre Emmett won M.V.P. honors following the contest.

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