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David Wear Discusses Playing In "The System" In Reno And Finding Early Success

Fresh off an appearance in the NBA D-League's 2015 Three-Point Contest, David Wear spoke to about finding success in the Reno Bighorns' unique offense.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It goes without saying that the Reno Bighorns play an ever unique and exciting brand of basketball. The high-octane, run and gun offense has come to garner all sorts of praise, criticism, intrigue, and questions, dating back to day one.

But on Sunday, the proof was in the pudding as one of the team's top talents, David Wear, was among those selected to participate in All-Star Weekend's D-League Three-Point Contest. Though he didn't win or advance to the final pairing, the forward still had a strong showing, tallying 17 points in the opening round.

This season, not only is Wear averaging 16.7 points (on 52% from the field) and 6.9 rebounds, but also ranks ninth best in all of the minor league at 43% from beyond the arc.

"Things are going well. Obviously, with the system, there are question marks defensively. These [NBA] teams have to take it with a grain of salt, when looking back and evaluating us. We don't really run defensive schemes," the 24 year old Wear conveyed to "At the same time, I'd still be a three/four; more of a stretch four. I feel like that's my position. I have that ability, and I feel like showing that I can knock down the three-point shot consistently at this level is really going to help me out."

"[Reno's offense] definitely gives me the green light to be aggressive. It can go both ways, because while it gives you the green light to get a lot of shots up, if you're not shooting a good percentage, it'll show poorly on you," Wear continued to explain. "But if you're shooting well, I think it highlights your skill-set."

Explaining the system in such a way could give way to some of the more streaky shooters looking vulnerable while feeling the pressure to convert on the long ball. Nevertheless, this notion isn't scaring Wear off in the least.

"I've always known I could shoot. I knew that was going to be a strong-suit coming into it," he added.

At first glance, one might not expect a player of the 6'10", 225 pounder's stature to have such prowess from downtown. Nevertheless, he gushed about the opportunity playing for the Bighorns provides him with, to continue strutting his stuff in hopes of an eventual call-up.

"This has allowed me to really show how well I can knock down the NBA three-point shot," Wear said. "It just happened to work out that way."