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Brandon Paul Named Top Prospect For Month Of February

After leading the Canton Charge to a 7-2 record, Brandon Paul has been named's Top Prospect for the month of February.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers don't lie.

20.4 points per game. 54% from the field. 51% from downtown. 5.4 rebounds. 7 team wins. 433 votes.

While most of those statistics seem familiar, the last one may not. But alas, in a fan-poll taken by, Canton Charge Brandon Paul received 433 votes (or perhaps more impressively, 96%) in favor of being named RU's Top Prospect of the Month for February.

Though this was in no way the deciding factor, such overwhelming results can't be denied and/or ignored. But after all, the results are, nevertheless, justified as well.

Paul was on a tear for his team last month, leading Canton to a 7-2 record. The guard's February was highlighted by a 37 point performance, which stood tall as the second-highest scoring outburst in team history, in one of their recent victories.

Much of the guard's potential success has been derailed by injuries in the last season and a half, but this month was merely proof of why he should absolutely be on the radar of NBA teams across the league.

Following the D-League Showcase, we spoke to Paul about what it meant to be an underdog of sorts. "I'm just trying to come out and compete every night. A lot of these guys come into this league and they're fighting day in and day out for jobs," he said, later adding, "I just want to show GMs that I'm an overall player who can play both ends of the floor."

There's no doubt he's continued to do that whole-heartedly as of late. There have been players with better numbers. Others have even gone on to receive call-ups for their most recent success. But in the case of Paul, not many have gradually improved as much over time. And even more importantly, no sole player's progression has seemingly had as much of an impact as Paul's has had for Canton.

The now 22-16 Charge were just 15-14 heading into the month of February. As the month of March begins, they can only hope to duplicate such success as Paul continues leading the way.