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Is Jarell Eddie the Best Three-Point Shooter In The NBA D-League?

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Jarell Eddie's impressive shot release from downtown (and success rate, of course) has garnered him consideration as the D-League's best shooter from three-point range, especially during the postseason.

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On Sunday night, Jarell Eddie sank seven three-point field goals on his way to, not only scoring 35 points, but also leading the Austin Spurs to a victory over the Santa Cruz Warriors that ultimately kept his team's playoff hopes alive.

Eddie caught fire in a hurry, and made sure to turn up the heat when it mattered most. Despite the Warriors' (successful) attempt to trim the opponent's lead to single-digits, Austin had a decent enough handle on the 100-91 win down the stretch, largely in part thanks to Eddie's hot streak.

The NBA playoffs are often where legends are made. But in the D-League, those who come through in the clutch during the postseason often give the basketball world a look into which youngsters are truly ready to knock down The Association's door.

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Color the Austin Spurs' sharpshooter as one of those players. Earlier this season, he played out a ten-day contract with the Atlanta Hawks. He also went on to win the D-League Three Point Contest during All-Star Weekend. Sunday night's performance was just further evidence that Eddie may in fact have the staying power necessary to make his mark on the big league level.

During the regular season, Eddie's 45% from downtown was second in the minor league, behind just Seth Curry's 47%., Though numbers never lie, one could still make an argument that Eddie is the D-League's best shooter from downtown.

Like his brother Stephen, the younger Curry's form is key to his success. The biological Splash Bros. are each inclined to let the ball fly high with an impressive arc on their respective shots. As far as Eddie goes, such boldness is also key when it comes to his confidence level. He shoots very well in transition, has a rapid-fire quick shot release, and often manages to follow through amid contact.

Thus, there isn't much a defense can devise in hopes of stopping him on a consistent basis. The way he carries himself, with that extra pep in his step, is unlike most others in the D-League. Eddie is a confident taylor-made 3 and D like player, which means NBA teams should be tuning in as Austin continues to compete in the playoffs with the sharpshooter leading the way.