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NBA D-League Announces Schedule For First Round Of The Postseason

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The NBA D-League has announced the schedule for the first round of its postseason.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Following the conclusion of the 2014-15 NBA D-League regular season on Saturday evening, the league and ESPN concurrently released the schedule for the first round of the postseason. The aforementioned media outlet will broadcast the minor league's playoffs for the very first time.

The schedule (complete with matchups, qualifying teams, and dates/times) is as follows:

Western Conference

Santa Cruz vs. Oklahoma City

Game 1 - Wed  April 8       Santa Cruz at Oklahoma City   8:30PM   9:30PM   ESPNU

Game 2 - Fri  April 10      Oklahoma City at Santa Cruz   7:30PM   10:30PM  ESPNews

Game 3 * Tue  April 14      Oklahoma City at Santa Cruz   TBD      TBD      ESPNU

Austin vs. Bakersfield

Game 1 - Tue  April 7       Austin at Bakersfield         6:30PM   9:30PM   ESPNU

Game 2 - Sat  April 11      Bakersfield at Austin         12:00PM  1:00PM   ESPN3

Game 3 * Sun  April 12      Bakersfield at Austin         1:00PM   2:00PM   ESPNews

Eastern Conference

Maine vs. Fort Wayne

Game 1 - Tue  April 7       Maine at Fort Wayne            7:00PM  7:00PM   ESPNU

Game 2 - Sat  April 11      Fort Wayne at Maine            4:00PM  4:00PM   ESPNews

Game 3 * Sun  April 12      Fort Wayne at Maine            4:30PM  4:30PM   ESPNews

Sioux Falls vs. Canton

Game 1 - Wed  April 8       Sioux Falls at Canton          7:00PM  7:00PM   ESPNU

Game 2 - Mon  April 13      Canton at Sioux Falls          7:00PM  8:00PM   ESPN3

Game 3 * Tue  April 14      Canton at Sioux Falls          TBD     TBD      ESPNU

Additional scheduling information will be furnished as soon as possible consistent with the need to fulfill league obligations.

*If necessary