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Comparing Seth Curry's D-League Prowess to Brother Stephen Curry's NBA Dominance

There were more than a few similarities between Seth Curry's prowess on the D-League level, and M.V.P. brother Stephen Curry's dominance in the NBA.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As Stephen Curry continues to lead the Golden State Warriors towards an NBA championship, his family has been along for the ride. This of course includes his younger brother, Seth Curry, of the D-League's Erie BayHawks. While the minor league season recently concluded, the younger Curry's BayHawks failed to make the playoffs, giving him more free time as of late than others.

This meant the older Curry's M.V.P. acceptance award speech on Monday afternoon was no different. His family, Seth included, basked in the glory alongside him.

There's no doubt that the Warriors' guard had quite the remarkable regular season. In honor of his well-deserved award, Michael Lerseth of fittingly compared Curry's NBA dominance to that of the respective prowess his younger brother displayed on the D-League level. As fate would have it, there are more than a few parallels between each one's respective production and percentages.

According to the article, the pair boasts similar numbers and/or averages across the board, from points, rebounds, assists, field-goal percentage, three-point shooting percentage, free-throw shooting percentage, steals, as well as turnovers, too.

In the end, the M.V.P. edges out his brother, boasting better and/or more efficient numbers in four out of the seven (4-3) categories than the younger Curry did while strutting his stuff in the D-League. It's interesting to see how close such numbers really are, however.

The article with full comparisons and each breakdown is worth checking out.

Just last month, Seth Curry was named's runner-up (to Tim Frazierfor the 2014-15 NBA D-League M.V.P. award.