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Pierre Jackson Returns With Heavy Praise Following NBA Summer League Debut

Pierre Jackson figures to garner consideration from NBA teams as Summer League continues if he keeps up his steady play.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Averaging 29.1 points during the 2013-14 campaign, Pierre Jackson soared as one of the most prolific scorers the NBA D-League has ever seen. Despite standing at just 5'10" and 180 pounds, the guard played with a larger than life persona all season long. And though the Pelicans held his draft rights at the time, he still managed to take the entire league by storm. He put everyone on notice, regardless of if they could eventually call him up or not.

Understanding that his respective skill-set was too intriguing to keep in the closet from others, the Pelicans accommodated the young gun and traded him to the 76ers, with whom he figured to get ample opportunity to prove himself.

Unfortunately, a torn achilles sidelined Jackson all of last season. Fast-forward to NBA Summer League 2015, and Jackson is healthy once again; raring to go, and seemingly, picking up right where he left off.

Though much of the hype heading into Saturday's 76ers contest was surrounding Jahlil Okafor, Jackson still managed to turn heads once the game began. Despite the loss, Jackson's instincts certainly hadn't disappeared during his absence from the court. His confidence never once wavered, as he could be seen attacking the basket and attempting to beat opponents off the dribble throughout. He logged 15 points, and his plus/minus of -1 was surprisingly decent, considering the defeat and the plus/minus of his other teammates.

What's more, people around the league were impressed once again. D-League coaches felt vindicated as Jackson proved what they already knew. NBA coaches and executives alike were reminded of what intrigued around this time last season.

See below for further highlights and Jackson's comments following his outing.

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