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Ridiculous Upside is recruiting new writers for the 2015-16 NBA D-League season

Interested in joining the Ridiculous Upside team? Here's what we're looking for, and how to apply.

As basketball's stars of tomorrow and the D-League's top talents continue to prepare for the 2015-16 season, so are we at Taking a cue from our friends at Silver Screen and Roll, we'd like to encourage and invite prospective contributors to reach out as we look to bolster our staff in the coming weeks.

Ridiculous Upside is a big fish in a smaller D-League centric pond, and there are also additional benefits to joining our team. Here's a better idea of what (and/or who) we're looking for.

Staff writers

- This is an obvious category. We're looking for insightful, original, and enthusiastic writers who enjoy shedding light on potential diamond in the rough athletes.

- Coming up with ideas for one's features and/or blog posts can stem from original story ideas, simply highlighting each day's top performers, daily news, etc.

- Previous writing and/or scouting experience preferred. Experience specifically catered to covering D-League basketball is not required, however.

- Writers who enjoy covering and following international basketball are also encouraged to inquire within.

- Minimum of one contribution per week.

Social Media / FanShot contributors

- We're looking to add Facebook (and maybe Twitter) moderators as Ridiculous Upside continues its growth and furthers its presence on multiple platforms.

- Contributors who are looking to engage and interact with our readership in a short-form way in real time should apply. Bonus points if you can look up and/or react to information quickly for immediate posting and enjoy back & forth debate with passionate readers/fans.

Collaborative Efforts, etc.

-  Writers should be prepared and/or look forward to collaborating with other on joint effort pieces, The Prospect Pyramid, and the RU Podcast, which is slated to return with the coming season.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or further suggestions. Those interesting in joining the RU team should reach out directly to Managing Editor Keith Schlosser (whose e-mail address can be found by clicking here) or contacting Keith and Dakota Schmidt via the site's Twitter account (click here for @RidicUpside).