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NBA D-League Jersey Rankings Pt. 2; No. 10 to No. 1

Ridiculous Upside’s Jasmine Brown breaks down the top 10 D-League. Who will be #1?

Reno Bighorns

Last week, I started my rankings of the NBADL jerseys by going through the 22nd through 11th best looks in the NBA D-League. This time, we finish off by counting down the top 10 jerseys that show creativity, spunk, and of course lots of Ridiculous Upside.

No. 10- Greensboro Swarm

Greensboro Swarm, feature one of my favorite color combinations: blue and purple. These are definitely fresh uniforms and successfully shows off a nice aquatic look. Although I don’t know why the Swarm’s unis are not reflecting the actual hornet, this is fine. Who wants to look like they belong in the bee family anyway.

Greensboro Swarm Facebook

No. 9- Erie BayHawks

The BayHawks come in at No. 9 and continues the list for being one of the coolest looking jerseys. The swoop under the word “Bay” gives a great representation of the actual bay and gives an illusion of the word bay surfing. Nicely done BayHawks.

Erie BayHawks Instagram

No. 8- Canton Charge

The defending NBA champions’ affiliate comes in at No. 8 because of the letters representing their name. The letters give off an electric feel, kind of like someone is looking at the Dodge Charger. This is a great electric and spunky uniform that I myself would not mind putting on.

Canton Charge Instagram

No. 7- Santa Cruz Warriors

The W says it all for the Santa Cruz Warriors. In fact, although the Golden State Warriors showcase the Golden Gate Bridge, The Santa Cruz Warriors logo is better in my opinion (shhh....don’t tell them I said this). The classic Adidas stripes of yellow works well with the blue and adds a great highlight to the uniform overall.

Santa Cruz Warriors Twitter

No. 6- Rio Grande Valley Vipers

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers has stand out letters on their jerseys. Like the Canton Charge, I am reminded of the Dodge Viper. Uniforms that can make me think farther than what’s on the jersey is a good creative jersey to me. The bold red mixed with the popping effect of the letters is why the Vipers come in at a solid No. 6.

RGV Vipers Facebook

No. 5- Reno Bighorns

Reno Bighorns has probably the best incorporation of their mascot. When you look at the R in Reno, it resembles the ram and that’s pretty awesome. It’s nice to accurately infuse a ram into a letter and make it look cool and the Bighorns does just that.

Reno Bighorns

No. 4- Texas Legends

Of all of the uniforms, Texas Legends showcase the best style for having an international flair to it. If you were to put this jersey against an international jersey, you most likely would not be able to tell the difference. They also do a great job of representing the diversity that Texas has as a state. Nonetheless, this jersey belongs in the top five.

Texas Legends Facebook

No. 3- Raptors 905

The Raptors 905 have the largest front font of any D-League jersey and it simply just has 905 on it. It’s simple, yet futuristic looking. The 905 on the front does resemble that of something that could be passed as a Chinese font, which is pretty awesome. It would have been cool to infuse some of the raptor like traits in the uniform, but it is still a pretty neat jersey.

Raptors 905 Instagram

No. 2- Fort Wayne Mad Ants

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants has a blazing hot uniforms. The red letters trimmed in crazy electric yellow gives the illusion of raging mad red ants and it looks quite intimidating. I don’t know if this was they were thinking, but I was. Side note: the mascot actually looks like red version of Z from Antz.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants Twitter

No. 1- Los Angeles D-Fenders

Coming in at No. 1 is the Los Angeles D-Fenders. Along with the name having a similar name of the league itself the jersey is an eye catcher. The D-Fenders are probably one of the few teams to have their logo on their jerseys. The design gives the illusion of the team being lock down on defense and wherever the opponent player is they will fly to be there. The rocket like design and logo is why the Los Angeles D-Fenders takes the crown as Ridiculous Upside’s #1 D-League jersey. And besides, there is nothing more better than classic royalty of the purple and gold.

Los Angeles D-Fenders Instagram

Well, there you have it. These are all of the rankings of the D-League jerseys and hope you enjoyed them. If these uniforms change over time, there will be an updated article, and maybe.....just maybe, these teams will take my advice (wink).