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Pierre Jackson Shows Out in His NBADL Return Against Greensboro

Contributor Francis Adu breaks down Pierre Jackson’s outstanding D-League debut against the Greensboro Swarm.

Pierre Jackson Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Pierre Jackson certainly isn’t new to the D-League. In the 2013-14 NBADL season, Jackson exploded for 29.1 points per game and 6.2 dimes per game for the Idaho Stampede. Jackson’s record-breaking 58 point game arguably ended up as the highlight of that D-League season.

Jackson has been a widespread favorite of the basketball fanbase since his days in Baylor as a sprite-like offensive engine. Now, after more muted and injury-plagued pro seasons with the Stampede and in Croatia and Turkey since that prolific ‘13-’14 season, Jackson appears back to his dominating ways now as a Texas Legend.

A day after signing for the Legends, Jackson debuted spectacularly with a 31 point, 11 assist barrage to lead the Legends to a 121-106 victory over the Greensboro Swarm. Jackson thrived in the pick and roll with confident and effective use of his pull-up jumper. He becomes completely unfair to guard when his jumper is falling since his phenomenal quickness leaves any tight guarding a losing proposition.

No matter which choice the Swarm defenders picked to defend Jackson-ran pick and rolls, the result was an open look for the Legends. The only reason Jackson didn’t torment Greensboro even more was because he was too small to make some open over-the-top passes to add even more to his eleven assists.

A likely pregame boost that led to his performance was being able to team with his former Baylor teammate Quincy Acy again as Acy also signed with the Legends on November 30th. Acy supplemented Jackson’s performance with 16 points and 7 rebounds. Hopefully, the Baylor duo of Acy and Jackson can join the duo of Manny Harris and Jameel Warney to lead the Legends past their current .500 status into playoff contention.