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Ronald Roberts Jr. Finds Unique Way To Endear Himself To NBA Teams

Ronald Roberts Jr. shines in a recent video breakdown with Coach Nick, which should garner more respect from NBA teams.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As the D-League becomes an increasingly more prevalent and vital to the way NBA teams conduct their business and search for and develop talent in all aspects of the word, the quality of individuals has arguably sky-rocketed to an all-time high.

On the flip side, it's become all the more difficult for some to stand out. In the case of players, they have to understand that garnering attention is not all about what one can door on the court. Such consideration from NBA teams extends to a player's attitude, demeanor, knowledge of the game, ability to pick things up quicker in the film room and make executions, being a good teammate, maturity level, etc.

With all that in mind, Ronald Roberts Jr. should be breaking down the door to The Association like never before at this point. Fresh off an NBADL All-Star selection, revealed earlier this week, the 24 year old appeared in a web episode of "In The Film Room," with Coach Nick.

The segment is fantastic, and should turn out to be largely beneficial for Roberts Jr. because it proved to be a lengthy opportunity for him to show off his comprehension and high basketball IQ. This isn't just as simply as fielding a couple of post-game questions. He breaks down and explains each bit, keeping up with Coach Nick's pace all the way through.

More importantly, his role wasn't merely to analyze the film, but also to discuss his role in each play, what he needed to execute, and even how he could adapt and make improvements as he continues to develop. Check out the video below. It's well worth a watch.