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What Does the Future Hold For Texas Legends' Guard Patrick Miller?

Patrick Miller has excelled all season long for the Texas Legends, so it'll be interesting to see what comes next in his journey.

Despite getting scooped up (and subsequently acquired from the OKC Blue) by the Texas Legends in the second round of the 2015 NBA D-League Draft last fall, one could argue that Patrick Miller still was a steal.

Miller's collegiate career saw him gradually grow from a role and supporting player to future NBA and D-League alum Robert Covington, only to rise up as a team leader and dominant scoring machine in his senior year at Tennessee State after his teammate headed off to greener pastures. After averaging over 23 points per contest during his final collegiate campaign, Miller once again boasted more modest numbers after turning pro in Turkey last season. He was more of a team player, all while coming into his own during the next phase of his career.

But with all of this in mind, one might have wondered exactly which Patrick Miller was going to show up in Texas to begin his minor league campaign. The truth is, the Legends have seemingly benefited from all of the versatile skills Miller has been honing for years now. Taking advance of the first form of professional exposure he's gotten to NBA and D-League personnel alike, Miller has continued to thrive. Texas is a team well known for utilizing the talents of past veterans and more well established D-League players, and as such, Miller has come off the bench while serving as the team's sixth man.

Of course, there have been games where he just lets loose and explodes for an offensive outburst. The ability he displayed to take over and lead the way during his senior campaign is still very much present. Miller can serve as the aggressor, if need be. But in the interest of putting forth an all-around balanced effort, he's also been able to do a little bit of everything else along the way. The 23 year old rebounds well for a point guard, displays good instincts on the defensive end, and finds his teammates well in the pick and roll.

In looking for his own offense, Miller has often been one to penetrate and attack the basket. Upon learning more about his game and relative skill-set, that's to be expected. But perhaps more impressive is the guard's improvement beyond the arc. This is surely something he's made strides in, not only just dating back to his collegiate career, but his time abroad as well. Miller's 42% shooting from behind the three-point line leaves little else to be desired; he's also logged a near 11 points, 3.7 assists, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.4 steals over the course of this campaign.

As Miller's first D-League season nears its end, it'll be interesting to see what comes next in his journey. Will he cash in on his success for an even more lucrative contract overseas? Or will he stick to it, playing closer to home, all the while hoping what he's done this season is proof he should be all the more utilized as a go-to-guy next season in Texas? Only time will tell, but it wouldn't be surprising to see him warrant an NBA training camp gig beforehand as well. He's one talented youngster.