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Added Confidence and New Opportunity Propelling Kadeem Jack's Success

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Kadeem Jack has benefited from more promising opportunities with the Reno Bighorns.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season, we profiled Indiana Pacers' training camp invitee Kadeem Jackpondering his opportunity for potential success going forward. As a member of the affiliated Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Jack's athleticism was helping him make an impact in subtle ways off the bench.

Fast-forward four months into the future, and things have arguably changed for the better. Having since been acquired by the Reno Bighorns, Jack is surely making the most of this new opportunity. Whereas we compared him to more of a Trevor Ariza type player due to his defensive ability and untapped offensive potential, his scoring prowess has been undeniable as of late.

Still coming off the bench in his new situation, Jack has become more of an all-around balanced contributor. Whereas in Fort Wayne, he wasn't looking for his own offense as much, the young gun is now serving as somewhat of a spark plug in Reno. Displaying a slashing ability that is similar to that of Derrick Williams, the Bighorns certainly benefit when Jack is stepping up as the aggressor. He attacks to the basket, is creating more shot opportunities for himself, and as a result, is cashing in on opportunities at the charity stripe all the more often.

Though he's averaging 9.7 points in fifteen games as a member of the Bighorns, Jack's numbers are definitely on the up. Thus far, he's had a monster month of March and scored in double-figures in every game. Logging 15.9 points and 7.6 rebounds on 62% shooting from the field, it's clear some extra minutes and the green light to attack and look for his offensive opportunities are benefitting Jack.

Like most players entering new situations, Jack had to earn his keep and prove his worth in Reno. Playing time came in sporadic bunches as he found his footing and came into his own playing for a different team midseason. But there's no doubt that Jack has maintained a positive attitude along the way, and has seemingly rewarded Reno for their added confidence in him. If he keeps playing like this, there's no doubt good things (in addition to even more playing time, of course) should follow.

The Bighorns are set for an exciting and promising playoff run, and at this point, one could expect Jack to be a big part of that going forward.