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87ers Guard Russ Smith Sets NBA D-League Scoring Record With 65 Points

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NBA alum Russ Smith set the D-League scoring record with an impressive 65 points on Wednesday night.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Current Cleveland Cavaliers guard (and former 87er) Jordan McRae set the NBA D-League scoring record with 62 points earlier this season. But with McRae now donning an NBA jersey, since having moved on to greener pastures, Delaware guard Russ Smith wanted to make sure everyone knew there was already a new sheriff in town.

The former Pelicans/Grizzlies guard exploded for an offensive onslaught, pouring in an awing and utterly eye-popping 65 points on Wednesday night, despite his team's loss to the Canton Charge. Safe to say, he still garnered all of the attention and was the center of all of the headlines there afterward.

65 points is certainly an impressive amount, but as the D-League has proven time and time again, the high quality performances of their alumni just set the bar as high as possible for whoever comes along next to try and conquer such a feat themselves.

Have a look below to see exactly how Smith went about carving his name into the minor league record book (for now).