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D-League Alum Treveon Graham Stands Out In Orlando Summer League

Former Idaho Stampede guard Treveon Graham continued his pursuit for an NBA gig with a strong performance in Orlando Summer League.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, our contributors looked to preview Summer League by taking a look at some of the D-League alums to watch out for in Vegas, Orlando and Utah. While those articles featured some tremendous D-League talent, we were prone to forget about some of the names. One of those unfortunate absences was former Idaho Stampede guard Treveon Graham, who averaged 15.7 points and 6.1 rebounds per game on 46% shooting during his rookie season. That success led to him getting some more NBA looks which led him to getting a spot on the Magic White team for Orlando Summer League.

Perhaps that omission put a fire under Graham, as the VCU alum has stood out as one of the best players in the Orlando Summer League. During his four games there, Graham averaged 17.25 points and 3.75 rebounds per game on 64% from the field. That performance is especially impressive as Graham was able to be an extremely efficient offensive weapon while also being a huge part of the team's offense as he averaged 10.5 shot attempts per game.

A lot of Graham's work came through as a ball-handler,  an area where he's been dominating since his time at VCU. Graham looks like a maestro with the ball in his hands with the way that he can use his great handles to score. That knack is evident in the video below, where Graham put up 19 points on 7-12 shooting against the New York Knicks. Not only is Graham able to make some straight line drives towards the rim, he's able to stop on a dime to put up a mid-range jumper or put out a tremendous spin-move to get past an opponent.

While his perimeter struggles (shot 33% in Orlando and 33% in the D-League) could still be considered as a concern, Treveon Graham should still be an NBA prospect due to how talented he is as a ball-handler. Even in the NBA, there's plenty of teams out there that look for players that can create their own shot.  As we've seen in Summer League, Graham can definitely fill that role which is why NBA teams should give him a look as we get closer to the 2016-17 season