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The Future is Bright for the Gotham Ballers and the Champions Basketball League

Ridiculous Upside’s Jasmine Brown interviews former Knick and Gotham Baller head coach John Wallace on his team’s upcoming season.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, The Champions Basketball League was announced, featuring a whole crop of former NBA players that would be playing on 16 individual teams.

Die hard basketball fans are definitely in or a treat, for when the NBA Finals are over, they are ushered in to more basketball. This time being former players they have known to love.

On August 2016, the Champions Basketball League introduced their New York area team, the Gotham Ballers. The roster includes the following: Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin, Shawn Marion, Kareem Rush, Tyshawn Taylor, Jamaal Tinsley, Daniel Gibson, Chris Smith, Anthony Mason Jr and Renaldo Balkman. Perhaps even more intriguing than their roster is how the team is currently offering fans an opportunity to invest in a piece of the Gotham Ballers.

The Gotham Ballers has a lot of former standouts, and will be coached by former Knicks forward John Wallace. He describes being the head coach for the team as “incredible.” It’s an amazing opportunity for myself, my family and my friends, said the 2x Syracuse first team All-Big East player.

Wallace was elated in talking about the format for the season and said he is ready to get his season started.

“It’s going to have more of an All-Star game feel to it. It’s going to be a lot of offensive fire power going on. It’s going to be fun family friendly exciting basketball and I just cant wait for the first game; just roll out the carpet and get this season on its way.

The goals for Wallace and the Champions Basketball League were simple, yet inspiring, and that is to be a part of one of the best basketball leagues in the world.

“We’re going to have the best league under the NBA, Wallace said. “The NBA is obviously the creme de la creme, that’s the best league in the world for basketball. The Champions League will be second best and were going to prove that.”

It’s obvious that Coach Wallace’s mentality is about winning, and he seems to still present to that old school flair of a winning mindset that was around in his days of basketball.

When asked about the goals of the Gotham Ballers, Wallace stated that the goals will always remain the same for years to come.

“The goal is always the same. We plan on winning the first championship in Champions League History. That’s the focus of the Gotham Ballers from day 1 of training camp. We’re thinking about the championship that’s going to be everyday. We’re going to practice like we’re ready for the championship, we’re going to play like we’re getting ready for the championship and that’s the only way to win the championship.”

“We’re going to set a very high standard with Gotham Ballers and that’s going to always remain the same, not just the first year or second year, but every year. That’s going going to be the precedence that’s going to be set. Every team that follows and every player that follows is going to fall into that same precedence.”

The Gotham Ballers is slated to play a 14 game schedule and will start this July and August.

Coach Wallace means business and if his goals and achievements are executed perfectly, the Gotham Ballers would be the team to look out for and possibly the team to put the Champions Basketball League on the map. If that’s the case, basketball fans would sure be able to look forward to, as they’ll be able to see the splash of former talent quench their basketball thirst for the rest of their summer.