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How John Gillon Could Be A Steal In This Year’s G League Draft

Editor Dakota Schmidt examines how former Syracuse guard John Gillon could be a steal in this weekend’s G League draft.

ACC Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This Saturday, a wide array of aspiring ballers will be impatiently waiting by their phones to get selected by one of the 26 squads in the G League Draft. Compared to prior years, the importance of the actual draft has deteriorated due to introduction of a two-way contract and the quality of talent that G League squads can get through returning and affiliate players.

However, that fact doesn’t deter the optimism and hope that a prospect could get when they hear their name called on draft night. While the fight for playing time may be tougher than it was in prior years, the hope of being the next Jonathan Simmons or Hassan Whiteside will still be with every single player that’s taken on Saturday.

One of those prospects with NBA aspirations will be former Syracuse guard John Gillon, who has signed a deal with the G League and will be eligible for Saturday’s draft, sources tell Ridiculous Upside.

The 6’1 rookie guard will be entering the G League draft after a strong senior season with Syracuse. In 30 minutes per game, Gillon put up 10.5 points, 5.4 assists and 1.4 steals on 41% from the field and 41% from beyond the arc on 3.8 perimeter attempts per game. As those stats could tell you, Gillon excels as a perimeter shooter as he displayed range that spreads from well beyond the NBA 3-point line.

Most of those shots came when he was working with the rock as his quick and smooth handles allowed him to create separation from opposing squads. Those skills led to some great moments for Gillon which included this.

Outside of that strong perimeter jumper, Gillon’s main claim of fame at Syracuse was his work as a facilitator. During his lone season with the club, he averaged 5.4 assists per game with a solid 2.56 Ast/TO ratio, averages that put him in the top-5 in the ACC in both categories.

Despite standing at 6’1, he somehow still does a great job of regularly being able to see over the court and make the necessary read. In the half-court, Gillon’s able to quickly recognize when a teammate is making an off-ball drive, whether they’re working with him in pick-and-rolls or not. That ability to quickly find teammates to dish it off to is also evident when Gillon’s working in transition, as he can see in the clip below.

Coinciding with his facilitating and perimeter shooting, Gillon utilizes his quickness and great handles to drive to the rim. However, his small 187 pound frame was a deterrent when he made his way there as he only shot 44% from the rim, according to Hoop-Math.

Although he definitely does have some flaws, John GIllon stands as one of the more intriguing players that will be in Saturday’s G League Draft. While it’ll be tough for most of these draft picks to find an immediate slot in their G League squad’s rotation, I think Gillon’s knack as a facilitator and perimeter shooter could allow him to be a big steal for whichever team picks him up this weekend.