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Stephan Hicks, Tra-Deon Hollins Ready To Shine With Fort Wayne

Contributor DC Hendrix talks to guards Stephan Hicks and Tra-Deon Hollins after the second day of Mad Ants training camp

DC Hendrix

It's always comforting to see a familiar face at Fort Wayne Mad Ants training camp. After a busy summer participating in the NBA G League elite camp, and other tournaments, it was refreshing to see guard Stephan Hicks back in Fort Wayne. Last season, Hicks averaged 13. 6 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, while shooting 47% from the field.

After a busy summer, Hicks joined me after day two of training camp for a couple minutes to talk about parts of his game that he's been working on and more.

The new addition to the Mad Ants couldn't be happier with the opportunity he is receiving. Rookie guard Tra-Deon Hollins has looked comfortable and quite efficient from what I sawfrom him in day 2. The transition to the professional level from the collegiate is never an easy one. But, Hollins is fitting right in to head coach Steve Gansey's system. For the most part, Hollins is highly known for his defensive IQ and speed, but from the looks of it, he also will provide a much improved jump shot to his repertoire.

After day two of training camp, Hollins joined for me for a couple minutes to talk about some of his biggest adjustments and more.