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Why The Wisconsin Herd’s Logo Is Perfect

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Editor Daota Schmidt explains why he thinks the Wisconsin Herd’s logo is awesome

Wisconsin Herd

On Tuesday morning, Joshua H. Lentz (@joshARQ) tweeted out that the NBA G League website accidentally leaked the logo for the Wisconsin Herd. This leak comes just two days prior to the organization’s planned unveil which would’ve taken place at a local meetup to celebrate Thursday night’s NBA Draft. Although that meetup will still go on, the event’s supposed headlining act has already been spoiled.

Although there was definitely some suspense going into Thursday night, the end result probably would’ve disappointed most people. While the G League is filled with teams that basically have the same logo as their NBA affiliate, there was definitely some optimism after the Memphis Hustle dropped their logo.

Not only is the Hustle’s logo beautiful, that reveal left some optimism that G League organizations would be more creative with their logos. However, that optimism vanished after the Herd’s leaked logo was basically a rehash of the Milwaukee Bucks.

While some people complained about those similarities, I wasn’t bothered as I really believe that the Bucks have one of the best logos in the NBA. Is there some bias to that as a Bucks fan? Probably. But I absolutely dig the mixture of colors between the dark green on the Buck with the cream in the backdrop. More important than that is the menacing buck that seems to be able to stare into the soul of its opponents.

The Herd’s logo just adds on to that beauty as it gives that original buck some homies that he can go into battle with. That trifecta of antlered menaces should strike fear into the hearts of their foes as they seem able to just gaze into your heart and also eat your organs.

From the jump, that angry herd seem more than capable of just ripping into anyone that they go against whether it’s a Bighorn, Mad Ant, Bull or even a Sun located in Northern Arizona.

Is the Wisconsin Herd’s logo just a rehash of the Milwaukee Bucks? Definitely. However, I still think the fact that Herd were able to enhance the great look of the Bucks is the reason as to why I think that this may be the best logo in the NBA G League.