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Daniel Dixon Shares Mindset At RBA Showcase

Contributor Francis Adu talks to former William and Mary guard Daniel Dixon after his showing at the recent RBA Showcase

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Newly graduated from College of William & Mary, Daniel Dixon has left behind quite a laudable NCAA legacy. Dixon left his senior year as the Colonial Athletic Association’s second leading scorer of 2016-17 with 19.2 points per game. Those points came seemingly at ease with Dixon knocking down 37.8% of his threes on a hefty volume of 6.4 threes a game to carry the William & Mary offense. With the NBA valuing athletic floor-spacers more and more, Dixon came to the RBA Showcase in Basketball City in Lower Manhattan looking to prove just that.

After two high-effort performances in RBA Showcase scrimmages, Daniel Dixon stood on the sidelines with noticeable comfort interacting among former NBA and G League veterans he had just played with and against. That comfort also translated seamlessly when surrounded by media reporters and NBA scouts. With the poise also came self-awareness.

“I definitely went into the [showcase] trying to show I am more than just a shooter. I definitely could’ve shot better but I wanted to show I can also attack off the dribble,” Dixon reflected.

Dixon demonstrated an eagerness to depict himself a versatile tool for any basketball team by referring to his experience guarding guards through centers and experience both playing off-ball as an underclassman and running much of the offense as an upperclassman as a multipositional Swiss army knife praised by his coaches. With a solidly built 6’6” frame, it is understandable to see the first team All-CAA player’s confidence in his adjustability. That same frame allowed Dixon to feel at home on the Basketball City court guarding hyper-athletic 6’6” former UConn guard Omar Calhoun in the open floor or battling 6’10” former Xavier big James Farr for rebounds.

After attending two NBA tryouts with the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards, Dixon now has the G League in mind in terms of his first step as a professional basketball player. The positive feedback from the tryouts delivered a confidence boost to Dixon in terms of how achievable his NBA dreams are as a milestone. The two RBA showcase games alone demonstrated Dixon’s capability of asserting himself worthy of challenging such high-level competition. Whether guarding former Nugget and Raptor Gary Forbes or making heady decisions in transition, Dixon has stayed the course of progress.

“I continue to talk with my family in terms of the next step”, Dixon maturely emphasized, “but I feel ready to show what I can do in the [G League].”