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Ridiculous Upside Podcast: NBA G League Player Invitational Extravaganza

After nearly three years, the Ridiculous Upside podcast is finally back. In the first episode, editor-in-chief Dakota Schmidt interviews a variety of players and even a writer that went to the G League Player Invitational

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

In the first time in nearly three years, Ridiculous Upside has finally uploaded a podcast. With editor-in-chief Dakota Schmidt at the helm, the cleverly named Ridiculous Upside Podcast will look to break down some of the biggest news in the NBA G League while also talking to some of the top names in the league. Whether that’s current or former G League players, head coaches or off-court personalities, we look to bring any G League fan the kind of listening experience that they’ve always desired.

On the first Ridiculous Upside podcast in nearly three years, editor-in-chief Dakota Schmidt introduces the listeners to what they should expect from their podcast. Alongside breaking down the news and analyzing the latest happenings of the NBA G League, we'll interview some of the top personalities.

After that introduction, Dakota Schmidt goes on to interview some of the players that participated in last Sunday's NBA G League Player Invitational, which featured both former college superstars and average weekend warriors. Over the course of the podcast, we talk to four players that participated in the event: John Gillon, Alec Wintering, Derick Newton and Luke Petrasek. Alongside that, he also talks to Vijay Vemu, who attended the G League Player Invitational and did a great piece on Daniel Dixon.

Intro to podcast (0:00)

Former Syracuse guard John Gillon (5:40)

Former Portland Pilots guard Alec Wintering (15:00)

Former Stetson forward Derick Newton (28:27)

Former Columbia forward Luke Petrasek (40:40)

Guest Ridiculous Upside contributor Vijay Vemu (51:20)