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When Will We See A Player Like Marvin Bagley Go To The G League? Ridiculous Upside Q&A 6.0

In our latest Q&A, editor-in-chief Dakota Schmidt answers a variety of questions pertaining to Marvin Bagley, G League schedule release date, and NBA 2k

2017 CIF Southern Section Boys Open Division Championship - Semifinals Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

  1. At this point, we don’t know the specific date when the NBA G League will release their schedule for the 2017-18 season. Over the past few years, the league itself has been extremely inconsistent on when they actually drop their schedule. Last year, they released their full schedule on August 22nd, while the G League dropped it on September 10th for the 2015-16 season. Although the jury is still out on when the full schedule will be released, multiple outlets have said that the G League season will start on November 3rd.
  2. Yet again, I honestly have no idea when the Herd, or any other expansion team will unveil their jerseys. If I were to take a guess, the jerseys might be released in October if we’re going off a recent tweet from the Texas Legends. Like what we recently saw with NBA teams, each G League team might be unveiling their own jerseys with the new rebranding and the league’s relationship with Nike.

Despite how much I hope that we’ll get a top HS player like Bagley deciding to choose G League rather than college, it probably won’t happen until the league increases its salaries. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a five-star prospect that would pass up an opportunity to play at a top-25 school that will be on ESPN every night to spend their time in the G League where they’ll get $26k per year. Could that change in the future? Absolutely and I definitely think it will happen because the G League is improving. But I don’t think we’re at that point yet.

The G League will actually be part of NBA 2k18’s MyGM mode. Although you won’t be able to play G League games, you’ll still be able to send your prospects to the league so they can develop. Coinciding with that, you can also track and scout the undrafted prospects playing in the G League for a potential call-up. Obviously, it would be nice to play the actual G League games in MyGM or even in My Player mode but this is an improvement over what we saw in prior 2k games.

The crew at 2Ways10Days actually did a pretty solid piece on this back in June, but allow me to do a brief explainer. Just like in regular expansion drafts, the existing G League teams will be able to retain the rights of up to nine players. Although that might not seem like much, each G League team could only lose a maximum of two players through the draft. After that expansion draft, those teams will be able to build their rosters through traditional methods like: two-way contracts, affiliate players, tryouts and the regular G League draft.

I think the best possible location for a hypothetical Seattle squad would probably be in Everett, Washington. That’s due to the city having a solid facility, Xfinity Arena, that can hold between 8,000-10,000 fans, which is pretty normal for a G League arena. Coinciding with that, the city of Everett is only a 28 mile drive from the city of Seattle. The close distance between the two cities would allow Seattle prospects to practice with the big league club during the morning and afternoon and then play in a G League game in Everett during the evening.