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Cleveland Cavaliers Sign JaCorey Williams to Exhibit 10 Deal

While the Cavs’ roster is likely to be in flux heading into the season, they made one final move before camp, signing rookie JaCorey Williams to an Exhibit 10 deal.

Middle Tennessee v Iowa State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

While the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to win a championship this season, they are also looking towards their future. Since they don’t have much room on their roster for young players, the G League is the perfect place for the Cavs to develop prospects who they like.

The new rules allowing an Exhibit 10 contract, therefore, works perfectly for the Cavs. This contract enables teams to sign a player to a regular NBA minimum deal, but convert it to a two-way deal anytime before the regular season begins. With training camp starting today, and the regular season in just a few weeks, the timetable for getting these done is narrowing— the Cavs just filled their last spot in training camp.

JaCorey Williams is an undrafted rookie out of Middle Tennessee State University. He played his first three seasons at Arkansas before transferring out prior to his senior season, probably due to lack of playing time. That’s something he didn’t lack at MTSU, as he played almost 30 minutes a game, and poured in 17.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. Those numbers were enough to win him Conference USA’s Player of the Year— obviously a huge honor.

A long 6’8’’ forward, JaCorey doesnt have much range: he attempted only 37 three points in his four years in college. That is an issue in today’s NBA, which has become more and more perimeter oriented, and was likely a significant reason as to why he wasn’t drafted. He mostly scores around the basket, though he can make midrange jumpers if left open. As MTSU’s best player, he handled the ball a decent amount, and his handles are solid considering his size. Pending an improved outside shot, Williams will play a lot of power forward at the professional level.

JaCorey will mostly likely get his contract converted to that of a two-way deal, and spend most of the season developing with the Canton Charge. His athleticism and scoring ability around the basket should make him a fun player to watch, and someone to keep an eye on if the Cavaliers need someone with a bit more energy than their cadre of old veterans.