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NBA G League Will Not Have All-Star Game For 2018-19 Season

The G League will reportedly not have an all-star game this coming season.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

NBA G League All-Star Weekend will look a tad different this season. There won’t be another International Challenge. Instead, there won’t be no festivity this season. The G League will not have an All-Star Game this season, per Adam Johnson of 2 Ways & 10 Days. Johnson noted the league will still hold their mid-season awards.

The G League All-Star Game has seen several changes since their inaugural contest in 2007. There has been six games that featured the Eastern Conference versus the Western Conference, two between the Red and Blue, and the Futures and Prospects faced off three times. The G League made a change to their midseason festivity last season when a G League roster represented Team USA in an international friendly against Mexico.

In the previous years, the festivity consisted of a dunk contest and three-point shootout. These events have excited the audience in the previous seasons, but the three-point contest was eliminated last season.