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G League Veteran Fuquan Edwin Talks Raptors 905, Growth As A Player And Jerry Stackhouse

Fuquan Edwin talks to Ridiculous Upside about his return to the G League under Raptors 905 coach Jerry Stackhouse.

NBL Rd 10 - Cairns v Adelaide Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images

Following a three year excursion that saw him compete in Venezuela, Israel, Australia and Kosovo, veteran forward Fuquan Edwin made his way back to the G League as he joined the Raptors 905. In similar fashion to his rookie year in the Sioux Falls Skyforce, Edwin stood out as an excellent 3-and-D weapon as he put up 10.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.6 steals on 44% from field and 37% from beyond the arc in only 22 minutes per game.

His impact helped push the 905 toward becoming a great defensive team, as opponents were nearly five points per 100 possessions worse when he was on the court (95 points per 100) compared to when he was not (99.9 points per 100).

Speaking with, Edwin discussed his return to the G League, including his growth and how it felt matching up with head coach Jerry Stackhouse in practice. Read on for more.

Ridiculous Upside: Why did you choose to return to the NBA G League following a three year absence?

Fuquan Edwin: I wanted to get back to the grind of trying to make an NBA push. I felt like I did well for myself overseas, but I liked my time with the Skyforce. I’ve always thought the G League was a good league so I wanted to get another opportunity there.

RU: How did you feel your past season with the 905 went?

FE: It was good as far as having Jerry Stackhosue as a coach. You know, for him being a well-known player that did really well for himself in the NBA, he’s sort of a legend in my eyes. Just having him coach me was a good first-hand experience because our styles are similar. I was able to learn from a 3 and D guy.

RU: How have you grown since coming into the G League as a rookie player?

FE: I’m more patient on offense. I let it come to me and understand my role better as far as shooting the ball or being aggressive offensively. On defense, I’ve been doing the same thing I’ve always done. Every time I come into the game, I try to start out with at least one deflection or steal. During my rookie year, I felt like I needed a jumper to get me going. Now, getting a deflection, tip ball or steal boosts my confidence up.

RU: You came into a new situation with the 905. Did you feel like you fit in well there?

FE: I feel like it was a perfect situation because when I told my agent that I wanted to go to the G League, I had no clue where I was going to go. I didn’t feel like the 905 would be it, but when I got there and just saw their style during my first practice and met Stackhouse, I immediately knew that it was perfect.

RU: How did your experience with Coach Stackhouse differ from your other coaches?

FE: The difference was that Stackhouse actually practiced with us a lot of the time. He would try to go head-to-head with all of the players which just showed he still has that competitiveness in him. He is also still quite young, so it was good to get out and try to guard him. He was able to get out on the floor and show us things, rather than just explain them.

RU: After spending some time with him, do you think he has what it takes to be a head coach at the NBA level?

FE: It’s a no-brainer because of what he’s done since becoming coach. He won the G League title in his first year and we almost just won it again. If you give Stackhouse an NBA team, he’s going to make it work with his offensive concepts and defensive principles. He’s the reason we were one of the top defensive teams this year.

RU:The offseason has just begun, but do you see yourself making your way back to the G League for the 2018-19 campaign?

FE: I’m not saying that it isn’t a possibility. I’m going to take it day-by-day and talk to my agent. Right now, we’re looking at Summer League. So after Summer League, if I’m talking to any [NBA] teams, that would be great. If not, then I’ll definitely look at some opportunities overseas. However, I’ll still leaving the option of returning to the G League open.