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Luke Kornet Leads Group Of NBA G League Alums Embracing Career Learning Opportunities

Luke Kornet and Cleanthony Early have highlighted a group of NBA G League alums taking advantage of continued learning opportunities off the court this offseason.

NBA: New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is here and NBA G League athletes are taking a break from their time on the hardwood, but that doesn’t mean their opportunity for continued learning and career advancement comes to a halt.

Over the last two weeks, G League athletes such as Luke Kornet, Cleanthony Early, and Duje Dukan have taken advantage of the chance to meet with professionals in related fields off the court, to learn more and explore what may be next in their respective careers. Additionally joined by former Red Claws guard turned NBA player Shelvin Mack, such athletes have spent time at the league office, EA Sports headquarters, and even met up with The Starters for a sneak peak at the media side. Take a look below for highlights from their travels.

The G League has been long criticized for its inability to offer greater salaries, but these continued learning opportunities are just another way the minor league looks to aid the professional development of its players.