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Jeff Van Gundy Praises The High Caliber Of Talent Playing In NBA G League

Jeff Van Gundy believes most G Leaguers are interchangeable with the talent found at the end of most NBA benches.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

As a slew of prospects await their names to be called during the NBA Draft Thursday night, they’re all dreaming of their futures and the potential impact they’ll make on the professional stage.

Any NBA G League alum could caution them that things don’t happen so quickly. Instead, making one’s mark (especially in the NBA) is more of an ongoing grind. As the draft approaches and such youngsters gear up for what’s to come, a number of minor leaguers are in the midst of representing USA Basketball. Longtime NBA head coach Jeff Van Gundy is leading the World Cup Qualifying Team through training camp this week. He recognizes the talent out there on the floor, and believes the gap between the NBA’s up and comers isn’t as wide as it was once before. Instead, players like G League Finals M.V.P. Nick Johnson and Amile Jefferson (among others) could easily find their way in The Association and stick, if only given the opportunity.

Check out the clip to hear what Coach Van Gundy had to say about his group and the talent level in the G League.