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Memphis Hustle standout Chance Comanche signs with Serbian club Partizan

After catching on in the NBA G League via a local tryout last season, Chance Comanche has signed a lucrative deal to play abroad this coming year.

Washington v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images recently unveiled its 2018 NBA G League Tryout Tracker, highlighting all of the upcoming opportunities aspiring prospects will have to prove themselves at the minor league level in the coming weeks. There are plenty of ways to catch on with a G League team. Players can sign a two-way or Exhibit-10 deal, be assigned to the minor league as affiliate players following NBA training camp, they can earn a contract following the Player Invitational, or be selected through the annual player draft. When analyzing how a minor league roster fills up, that doesn’t even begin to take into account returning players a team may retain.

Needless to say, these rosters fill up relatively quickly with a great deal of influence from the affiliated NBA braintrust. With that in mind, it can prove to be an uphill battle for players looking to stick via a local tryout. Still, Memphis Hustle big man Chance Comanche serves as a prime example of the positive impact a participating player can make, largely in part due to his late season surge. The 22 year’s role with the team only continued to flourished as last season went on. He earned the trust of his coaching staff and benefitted from extra minutes down the stretch. By campaign’s end, he boasted averages of 9.2 points and 5.7 rebounds.

Perhaps the Hustle would have appreciated the opportunity to continue building around him, but they won’t have that chance. After spending NBA Summer League with the Orlando Magic, Comanche has signed a lucrative deal with Serbian club Partizan.

At 6’10” and 210 pounds, it’s likely that Comanche’s skills will translate nicely to the international game. He’s full of hustle and likes to fight his way inside for rebounds, and his physical nature will bode well where his somewhat more slender frame will match up more favorably overseas.

All the while, this is a great example of the type of platform a local tryout can provide up and coming prospects. Coming into such a process, Comanche may have been an under the radar prospect, but he’s converted such an opportunity to strut his stuff into what is now considered overseas success.