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Shimmy Shimmy Jae: Meet Your Future Sun Devil

Jaelen House committed to ASU more than one year ago. Now, only a few months separate this phenom from hitting college

Photo by Colburn Junus/IG

What happens if you put Lance Stephenson, JR Smith and Nick Young in a blender and then spice the mixture with some Dion Waiters essence? You get something close to this guy. Welcome to the house of hype, boasting, and overconfidence. Your host, Jaelen House.

You may be thinking I am crazy. You probably thought for a second that was making too much of a story out of nothing. Turns out, I’m afraid I’m not. House, of Shadow Mountain, has the high school circuit hating on madness. What Jaelen is able to do on the court, though, gives him hundred percent rights to boast and show some love to his competition. Get ready to see his arc feature on any game you catch him on. Oh, and yes, what happened after that celebration was what you saw. For real, House just dunked the ball in front of two poor kids. Believe it, because it doesn’t get much more real than that.

We’re not talking about whoever here. House is that player that gets on the break, runs from his zone to the opponent’s side of the floor and just when he gets to the three point line, throws the brakes as hard as he can to shoot a pull-up three instead of dropping the easy layup. Just in case it wasn’t clear yet, yes, he’s going to drive you mad.

Go watch any of the tens of videos floating around YouTube. I bet he killed it, mos def. And it’s not just about a dunk here or a three there. It’s about game, which House has tons of. Part of the Class of 2019, hailing from Phoenix and already on the good side of the best-100 prospects of the nation, he’s already signed and sealed his commitment to Arizona State University. Say hi to your new Sun Devil. But be quick, cause it’s a matter of minutes if you or your team happens to be facing him.

House is not the best point guard in the nation, not of 2019, not of 2020, not of any class of prospects. This past summer, playing for Las Vegas Prospects at Nike’s EYBL, he averaged 13 points a game along three assists and three steals. Yeah, sure, no big deal. Fast forward just a mere six months to 2019 and you’ll find House dressed on blue threads, sporting the #2, leading a Shadow Mountain team to the tune of 22 points, six dimes, four rebounds and six steals per game. All of this shooting almost 50 percent from the field and 44 percent from three. A little thing called evolution and development. As if he wasn’t determined enough to get there and further.

And don’t look at the game-by-game results of his now 17-1 squad. Just to give you a quick glimpse, Shadow Mountain beat Greenway a few days ago, 108-28 with House dropping 28 points. Before that? He hung 21 on Thunderbird, 34 on Deer Valley and 29 on Mission Bay. The other day, he dropped another 31 to get away with the W against Belleville West.

Maybe at this point you start to show some respect. And you better do, because House has come to stay. Sun Devils, rejoice. You’re not just getting fun times in House. You’re getting a legit, certified bucket.