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Predicting Westchester Knicks Roster As G League Season Nears

With the G League season starting soon, what will Westchester’s roster look like?

NBA: Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA G League season is less than a month away. The Westchester Knicks will kick off their sixth season at home against the Raptors 905. As the season gets closer, the Knicks roster will start to form. Each G League team can hold 12 players on their roster.

While the New York Knicks have 20 players on their roster for preseason, some of those players will start their season in Westchester.

New York will carry 17 players on their roster, which will include the team’s two-way players. Kadeem Allen is currently the only two-way player on the Knicks. The Knicks signed Amir Hinton, Kenny Wooten, Lamar Peters, and VJ King; all who will be competing for the team’s open two-way spot. At the Knicks’ media day, General Manager Scott Perry spoke on the second two-way spot and said, “we’re going just wait and see who becomes available and we’ll move accordingly.”

While Hinton, Wooten, Peters, and King will have a chance to compete for a two-way contract, the Knicks are keeping all options open. New York signed Isaiah Hicks two seasons ago to a two-way contract after he was waived by the Charlotte Hornets before the start of the season. The Knicks will look at who is available after others teams finalize their rosters then make a decision.

The two-way players will spend most of the season in the G League and can spend up to 45 days in the NBA.

After New York finalizes their roster, Westchester can add up to four players as affiliate players. Depending on what the Knicks do with their open two-way spot, at least three of four players signed could join Westchester. Hinton, Wooten, Peters, and King, all who signed an Exhibit 10 deal, would earn an extra $50,000 if they spend 60 days with the Dub Knicks. The Exhibit 10 deal can be converted to a two-way contract.

Another way G League teams fill their roster is with returning players. Several players from last year’s roster have signed overseas, so there’s a chance they may not suit up in White Plains this season. There are a few players from last year’s roster that could return to Westchester for another season. While Paul Watson was included as a possible returning player, his returning rights were traded to the Raptors 905.

With Kadeem Allen, Amir Hinton, Kenny Wooten, Lamar Peters, and VJ King, along with the possibility of three returning players (Zak Irvin, Nate Hickman and Andrew White III), the roster would stand at eight players.

After two offseason trades, the Knicks currently have three picks in the 2019 G League Draft and will make the No. 22 selection in first and fourth round. Westchester’s highest pick in the draft will be the No. 4 selection, which was a draft pick the team acquired the returning rights to JJ Moore in exchange for the returning rights of Paul Watson and a 2019 third round pick (22nd pick). Westchester traded their second round pick when the team traded the returning rights to Billy Garrett in exchange for the returning rights to Andrew White III.

The previous two times Westchester possessed a top five pick, those players (Jimmer Fredette and Paul Watson) spent that season in White Plains. The Knicks could add a high quality player with a top four pick.

While the Knicks didn’t add a draft pick last season, the team has found value in the draft in the previous years. The G League Draft will take place on October 26 at 1 p.m. ET.

Team tryouts is another opportunity for players to showcase their skills and show they can make an impact on a G League team. Westchester has shown that the team can find players who can contribute to a winning program, while preparing them for the next chapter in their careers.

Eight players have made the opening night roster in the previous five seasons, along with one player (Billy Garrett) earning an NBA call-up.

While the G League Draft and team tryout will help Westchester fill out their roster, the Knicks could wait until the season gets closer as NBA teams finalize their rosters and the team can make additional moves.