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Westchester Knicks Found Solution To Court Issue, Will Rent Floor For County Center

Westchester will rent a floor for the County Center.

Canton Charge v Westchester Knicks Photo by David Dow/NBAE/Getty Images

The Westchester Knicks were set to open their 2019-20 season on Nov. 9, but the game was postponed due to unforeseen damages on the court and the court deemed as unplayable. Their season debut was pushed back two days and took place at Madison Square Garden.

It looks like a solution to the issue will be arriving in White Plains, NY.

According to Mark Lungariello of The Journal News/lohud, the Westchester Knicks will rent a floor, and will be dropped off at the County Center, which is an “unused college basketball tournament surface.” The article details that it will cost the Knicks $25,000 through January. If need be, the Knicks can use the rental court for the rest of the season for about $10,000.

Westchester County, who own and operate the County Center, will likely buy a new floor. That would cost about $160,000, Peter Tartaglia, deputy commissioner of the county parks department, said.

“For now we need to get a floor that we know can be played on while we get a new one and look at the other (damaged) floor,” Tartaglia said. (h/t Mark Lungariello of The Journal News/lohud)

Tartaglia detailed how the league inspectors found an issue with the court.

“To the naked eye, or to the general public eye, you could look at the floor and you might not notice that there was something that would be considered tremendously wrong with the floor,” he said.

Westchester will host three home games next week against the Grand Rapids Drive (twice) and the Wisconsin Herd. The Knicks’ next home game is Monday against Grand Rapids.