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The 2019-20 G League Season is Finally Here!

With each passing season, the quality of play gets stronger and this season should be no different.

G-League Finals - Rio Grande Valley Vipers v Long Island Nets Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Hello everyone! The 2019-20 G League season is officially underway. With it comes a whole new year of some solid basketball and interesting stories. This is will be my second full year as site manager and I’m hoping to provide some awesome content for you all.

Our staff here at Ridiculous Upside strive to bring you the best possible G League coverage that we can. Every year the competition in the league gets stronger, and from talking to players around the league, they believe so as well.

Over the past few years, I’ve said that there’s a very thin line between end of the bench NBA players, and many of the top G League players. That line is getting thinner and thinner with each passing season.

You could probably scour every G League roster and find a few players who could probably step right in to any NBA rotation and provide quality production right away. Some of the numbers seem to support that. At the beginning of the NBA season, 42 percent of players had previous G League experience. Last NBA season, 48 players were called-up to NBA rosters.

Each NBA team is getting closer and closer to having their own G League affiliate with the College Park Skyhawks, the Atlanta Hawks affiliate, joining the fray this season.

And although no high school player has yet to sign a G League select contract, the league’s implementation of the contract was a major step to providing an alternative to players wishing to turn pro, but wanting to remain stateside as opposed to going overseas.

In all, the league is continually expanding and improving the talent level on the court. NBA commissioner Adam Silver remarked last season that a G League team in Mexico is in the works.

So as the G League season gets underway, please continue to follow our work here at Ridiculous Upside. We have assembled a team of some of the most knowledgeable G League aficionados in the business.

We have Dakota Schmidt who is a walking encyclopedia of G League knowledge and always up to provide you a detailed analysis of any player in the league. We have Chris Priczak who will keep you up to date on the Westchester Knicks, the affiliate of the New York Knicks, and the Atlantic Division as a whole. And we have Antonio Losada who scours the high school ranks searching for the next possible pro.

If there’s some aspect of the G League you’d like to see covered, please feel free and drop us a line, we appreciate your feedback. Keep reading, and let’s enjoy this season!