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Joe Girard III: State of New York’s 4K-Points Legend

JG3 got to 3,000 points in his junior season surpassing Lance Stephenson as NY’s most prolific scorer. Now, as a senior, he has reached 4K and counting. Already committed to Syracuse, Girard’s buckets seem to have no limit.

Jake Martino/Upstate Sports Zone

Jimmer Fredette may not be in the NBA anymore, but Glens Falls (NY) High School definitely has his heir in town and he is poised to make the L. Just take a quick look at the numbers he puts up on the stat sheet game in and game out. All in all, we are talking about a kid scoring almost 50 points a game, dishing six dimes per, and catching another six boards per match. His name? Joseph Girard III, or as he is known around the nation, JG3.

In a 2019 class not bad by any means for the State of New York, with guys like Aidan Igiehon or Chris Ledlum leading the pack and ranked among the Top 100 prospects in the nation, a walking bucket raises to the top of the group and he does it with some margin.

You have read it. You have heard about the news. We’re just mere days from it happening. You were surprised when you found out about it because you had been paying no attention at all, until you did. You had to. It called for it. Four thousand points. No big deal…

You read it right. JG3, on his senior year playing for Glens Falls, surpassed the mark and became one of the most prolific scorers ever in the history of the HS circuit. Not surprising. Already as a junior a little over a year to this date, last season, he surpassed Lance Stephenson’s mark of 2,946 points. It made him a certified walking bucket, the player with most points in the State of New York, ahead of legends such as Stephenson and Sebastian Telfair.

“I’m planning on being on Syracuse for four years. Obviously becoming a pro player is the ultimate goal but I want to win multiple Nattys at Cuse and have a good time wearing the orange and blue,” Girard told Ridiculous Upside.

Just months away for getting to campus and balling for the Orange, JG3 seems to have no scoring limits. To celebrate the feat of reaching 4K points he lit up Amsterdam (NY) to the tune of 52. Just another day at the office for Girard. Fredette also used to put up big scoring numbers which definitely made an impact on Joe.

“Naturally I’ve grown up trying to do some of the things Jimmer has. I like to play like him and other scoring lead-guards like Steph Curry and Trae Young. Those are the ones I’ve watched and studied the most,” Girard said.

Not a bad group. Not that they are out of reach for JG3 either given his scoring prowess. And talking about buckets, the 6-1, 180-pound combo guard leans towards the greatest-guard over the greatest-forward for the GOAT debate.

“That one is tough. I would say Michael Jordan because of the amount of championships he won and the defensive awards on top of his MVPs. Although I didn’t get to watch him so it’s hard to compare. But if I had to pick one, I’d go with MJ,” Girard said.

What he achieved at Glens Falls, though, he’s quick to put it on the school’s staff and people around him.

“Being in a select group to score 4K means a lot to me. I know it’s not something easy to accomplish so I’m proud of myself for that. At the same time I credit Glens Falls for helping me get there. My coaches, teammates and community have all supported and helped me reach it. Without them, it wouldn’t have been done,” Girard said.

Matthew Bain/The Register

Now en route to Syracuse to play Division 1 ball next season, the Orange has amassed some talent from the 2019 class of recruits. JG3 will join Brycen Goodine, Quincy Guerrier and John Bol Ajak at Cuse, though they never discussed or planned getting to play for the orange and blue together.

“We never discussed linking up during recruiting,” Girard said, while also conceding that “the one person I was trying to get to Cuse with us was Isaiah Stewart but unfortunately he just committed to Washington.”

Rest assured he may have missed on Stewart but once the time comes to pro ball there may be others wanting to join forces with him to go get some chips.

With the summer-season approaching and some all star games around the corner, I felt forced to ask Girard if he expected to make some of the rosters given his otherworldly scoring abilities.

“I’m not sure. If it happens then that’s great, but if it doesn’t so be it. I’m focused on getting better and winning championships with my team,” Girard said.

Grounded, level headed, humble. Call it what you want. Killer on the court, mad gentle out of it.

Girard has ditched Duke, ditched Michigan. Blue bloods, stay away. He is staying home. Jim Boeheim got himself a high prize here and Syracuse will field a scorer as good as they build them.

Competition will be there at the point position for Girard, but he doesn’t shy away from it. Who would after climbing the scoring ranks to the extent Girard has? Only one other kid has surpassed the 4K-points landmark since 1995, so you know you’re in front of someone special here.

You just have to remember the name, Joe Girard III.