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Evaluating Westchester Knicks Options For 2018-19 NBA G League Awards

Head coach Mike Miller and Jameel Warney should be in the discussion for Coach of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

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The Westchester Knicks wrapped up their fifth season in the NBA G League with a 29-21 record and advanced to their second straight postseason appearance. The Knicks have worked together like a well-oiled machine despite the changes the team has seen. With the success of the team, there will be some Westchester players and coach that should be in consideration for the 2018-19 G League Awards.

Most Valuable Player

Since arriving in Westchester via trade, Jameel Warney has been playing at a MVP level. In his time with the Dub Knicks, Warney continues to show why he is one of the best post players in the league with his solid footwork and nice touch around the basket. He has shown he can drain perimeter shots, which makes his offensive game more well rounded.

When opposing defenses throw double teams at him, the third-year forward has shown he can find an open teammate who will connect on the shots. He can create second chance opportunities for the team, which results in him finishing with the basket or finding an open Gyorgy Goloman for a triple.

He has been a solid defender where he can come in with the help defense and deny an opposing player at the rim. He can force turnovers and help create offense for the team.

Jameel Warney Twitter thread

Coach of the Year

23 players suited up for the Westchester Knicks and the roster has been shaken up throughout the G League season. Kadeem Allen and John Jenkins were cogs in the team’s success, but both have earned NBA call-ups. Luke Kornet and Courtney Lee have been assigned to the team this season.

The Knicks added Warney at the mid-point of the season and he has been a high level contributor for the team. Late in the season, Devon Baulkman and Buay Tuach were waived and the team added Kethan Savage and Matthew Fisher-Davis. Nate Hickman was added to the team when Stephen Zimmerman competed with the USA Men’s World Cup Qualifying Team in February and has stuck with the team for the final five weeks of the season.

Westchester has maintained great success this season en route to consecutive 29-plus win seasons and postseason appearances. Head coach Mike Miller deserves credit for the team’s success and consistently putting the team in the best position to win games.