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Rookie Diary #3: Gyorgy Goloman Details Rookie Season Experiences As He Wraps Up Season

In his third Rookie Diary, Gyorgy Goloman discuses what caught him off guard in his rookie season and how his season in Westchester will help prepare him for his professional career.

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It’s the back nine of Gyorgy Goloman’s rookie season. He wrapped up his rookie season by having many solid games and had a productive game in the season finale against the Erie BayHawks. He recorded 11 points, five rebounds, two blocks, and one steal on 3-of-7 from the field and 2-of-4 from deep.

He suited up in every regular season game, along with one postseason game, and showed to be a valuable player in the team’s frontcourt due to what he brought to the table. His versatility and ability to knock down perimeter shots was on display throughout his rookie season.

The 6’11” big man played a collegiate high 35 games in two separate seasons at UCLA. With that said, it wasn’t that much of an adjustment suiting up in an extra 16 games in his rookie season in the G League.

“It wasn’t too hard,” Goloman told Ridiculous Upside. “The length of the season is about the same. We play a lot more games here, but I think it’s all we do is play basketball when you’re a professional. On the other hand in college, you go to school. You do all kinds of stuff and that takes up a lot of your time. I think it wasn’t too bad and I really enjoyed it.”

Goloman continued by stating he felt it was a bit hard adjusting to the games coming at him quick.

“A little bit. Traveling is a bit hard, especially when you have back-to-back games and maybe one game in another state and that takes up a lot of your energy, but I got used to it in a couple months,” he continued. “It’s just one of those adversity things that everybody has to deal with. Not only us. The other team too.”

One thing that caught the rookie big man off guard was how roles in the G League can change so quickly. He saw his playing time fluctuate throughout his season, but remained productive in his playing time. The Knicks center had many productive games, while showing that he could be a solid player in the team’s frontcourt.

“I think what you just mentioned that how much your role can change from one game to another,” Goloman said. “I think I didn’t expect that and it was very fast. The games were very physical, but everybody talks about that. That’s something that I knew coming in that I have to prepare for, but that took me a little bit of time to adjust to.”

After playing in 51 games and experiencing the G League playoffs, Goloman feels his experiences in his rookie season will help prepare him for his professional career.

“I think I’m forming habits still and I’ve formed habits that’s going to help me get better in basketball overall,” Goloman said. “Habits on the court and habits off the court and I’ve gotten experience. I’ve seen how things are done in the G League, how good players in the G League do things, and that’s going to help me a lot.”

Goloman continued by stating he picked up experience and gained confidence during his season in Westchester.

“I learned that I think I got a lot better in a lot of areas,” he continued. “I picked up a lot of experience. My shooting has gotten a lot better. I think I picked up a little bit more confidence and that’s going to help my game in the future.”